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Painted Petals

Painted petals 


Painted petals, like a golden 

Buttercup stretching out. 

The golden petal shines bright like a diamond.

It digs deep into the soil and smells as 

Good as a buttercup shining in the 

sky. Revealing the secret stash of painted 

Petals and little pollen. The stem holds the beautiful 

Flower up high in the sky. The stem gets bigger and bigger. The green is as beautiful as the grass. The leaves fall from the breeze and fall calmly down to the ground.



Stourport Primary

Star Flower


The starflower glows as

bright and beautiful as the

full moon. The vivid green stem 

grows faster than a shooting star 

in the night sky. The bees buzzing 

around the starflower collecting 

the strong,  golden pollen. The petals

are hanging on by a thin, weakened string. 

The long, lengthy roots scurrying

through the dirt like a filthy, unpleasant 




Stourport Primary



 The Suntree 


Suntrees bark is as bright 

as the sun and as hot as 

a falling meteor. Their branches   

point towards the sky

 to absorb the sun’s

 rays to make them glow some more.

Their roots run away every

time somebody comes near.

Their leaves are as warm as a 

heated hot tub and as big 

as a house’s window.


Oliver at SPA

plastic pollution

                                    Plastic pollution


Did you know that the world’s oceans are full of plenty of plastic? 

Millions of sea creatures like dolphins , Whales , seals and sea turtles try to come up for air but struggle because of plastic pollution . 

Can you help us ? Can you stop plastic pollution ?


Sadly,  they die trying to breathe by eating plastic that we use . 

Furthermore , we  would be happy for you to help us in plastic pollution by recycling and to spread the word of helping. Not only does this disgraceful behaviour mean that our oceans are rising and threatening our coastlines but each and every piece of plastic  is harmful to animals that use the seas . 


They will suffocate if we do carry on . Supposedly , 100 million animals have died from plastic, around every day 8 million pieces of plastic pollute the ocean , over 269,000 thousand tons of plastic is covered on the ocean floor .


So now we have discussed all of these issues about the sea. If you are thinking about saving the sea or helping creatures contact ww.animalexspress.save.com. 


save our planet

                    LO:write a persuasive text

                     Save our planet  

                      By Chloe and Isabella

Did you know that scientists estimate that by 3000 there will be another mass extinction if we don’t act fast! So will you join us to conquer this vital incident

Sadly sea creatures are perishing due to so much plastic building up to form a ceiling so sea mammals can’t breathe. Do you really want that?


The problem is climate change, deforestation, plastic pollution, oil tips, us…

The forests are burning, the oceans are dying the polar ice caps are melting- did you know it takes 500- 1,000 years for a plastic bag to completely decompose, plastic bottles can take more then 450 years to decompose and a crisp packet takes 8 decades! That is terrible for our planet   


It is crucial that we save our beloved sea creatures from extinction. Did you know that 12 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into our ocean each year! As a team we can put an end to plastic pollution. A method of doing this is to ask you to recycle, reuse and save our beloved ocean. 


Climate change, another problem our earth is suffering from, we urge you to save energy by turning the light off when you don’t need it or even turn the TV off when you’re not watching it. Simple things like that can save our planet 1 day at a time.

Join us at www.http://saveourplanet.co.uk

The tropical island of the neverbelieve by Chris J and Oliver M

The tropical island of the Neverbelieve by Oliver Moss ,Chris J

LO:write a persuasive text

Sadly, our  island is being destroyed by climate change from the rubbish other people chuck on our planet.Did you know that by 2080 humans on our island will be extinct by pollution and fires? Our humans on our island are in serious trouble. Help us now by not polluting our island!


On our island from the pollution, sea animals are dying.You might think that only small animals die by this but that’s wrong.-300,000  blue whales have died this year and even dolphins die from not coming up for air, because of the plastic ceiling covering our sea surface.So can you stop polluting?


Forests are crucial to our island but fires are starting.Did you know our planet’s fires have already destroyed 25% of our forests?But we need trees to make: medicine,splints,bandages and even medical gear.Wildlife is crucial to our island but sadly they have been injured,paralised and worst of them all , killed from the fire and we can’t help because we have no medical items to help them.So are you going to help our world?


Lastly , our air is being poisoned by ground and air vehicles so that’s why we need resources to make electric planes, helicopters and cars.Our humans are on the brink of extinction from the poison in our air. Did you know that 50% of our humans have problems with their lungs?.Our clouds are turning black from the poison in the air so our fruit and vegetables can’t  grow because the clouds are blocking the sun.


That is why we need you to rise up for the challenge. We need you to make a change no matter how small, do not pollute, don’t drive as much, walk so are you brave enough to help.Join www.make new world tropical island



A water lily  petals are as hard as a diamond and as soft as a toucans fur and as cold as still water in the dead of night.




A nightshades petals was dark as the night as brittle as a butterfly’s wings And as red as a blood lake.


Sundrops Settled colours Smiled at the star covered sky and vines draped next to it


a snapdragons petals are a vibrant as stars in the night sky and as brittle as glass as its petals fly along the green tinted stem.


The flowers sunkissed petals were a golden brown as they slightly swayed south and sorrowfully sighed 


The flamingo flower flourished and flyed along the wet watery grass as it slowly landed softly.




The water lilies petals are like flabby sections of silky mist on paper thin material  swaying through the night sky as the wind thrusts against the rough stem. 


The Dutch iris has blue silky petals that waves for sunlight standing as stiff as a soldier.

The Sunlily’s roots are as red as a red panda , the pollination is beautiful carving and waving in the wind as the sunlight glimmers in the sky.


The rainrose is tall with an emerald green stem and also has  red ruby petals like jems shooting off the sunlight .

Trees and flowers

                     TREES AND FLOWERS

                         By Chloe and Isabella

Sundrip’s petals shimmer and yawn its bud acts like a doorway to heaven, light peeps out each crack in the stem, it’s roots dance under the ground and are slender like rat tails, its leaves wave to the bees, it’s stamen whispers hidden messages and keeps them until it’s lush, green leaves fly.


The moontails stem is made out of heavenly icicles freezing the ground beneath, it’s petals are breathing out steam as cold as ice, it’s roots are dark like the midnight sky and spreads anywhere it likes till it dies…


AutumnBlossoms are rare but pretty, their soft, orange petals glow and its hard but delicate dark green stem blows out wishes, but it’s leaves cling to the stem like a nightmare on a cold night, it’s messages whisper bad dreams and horror.


Milkcups are peculiar but so cute. They have tiny leaves made of squishy marshmallows and its petals have one of a kind milk that slides onto the green,grassy ground that makes more milkcups drip drip  and more of them grow on and on forever.


Redroses are as devilish as the devil, whispering horror into the ears of those who pick its ruby red petals. It’s stem blossoms into seeds when the redrose is picked, its stamen collectes fear and scared souls, the fluffy, yellow bees stay away from it’s horror and terror of those.


The daffodil is found in a fabulous  forest . Its stem is made out of purple,friendly snakes. Beside the lushus daffodil, large fluffy bees swarm around ,smiling and collecting pollen, while the other happy bees explore.


The tree’s bark is as brown as freshly dropped conkers; the tree stands on top of the hill as green as lime with branches like citrine.


The leaves are like emeralds; they wave in the zephyr. The autumn petals look like a bloody waterfall falling into the ruby abyss of leaves.


The sap drips like honey from honeycomb slowly down the bark as rough as sandpaper and as hard as uranium, the roots as wide as an egyptian pyramid.