Trees and flowers

                     TREES AND FLOWERS

                         By Chloe and Isabella

Sundrip’s petals shimmer and yawn its bud acts like a doorway to heaven, light peeps out each crack in the stem, it’s roots dance under the ground and are slender like rat tails, its leaves wave to the bees, it’s stamen whispers hidden messages and keeps them until it’s lush, green leaves fly.


The moontails stem is made out of heavenly icicles freezing the ground beneath, it’s petals are breathing out steam as cold as ice, it’s roots are dark like the midnight sky and spreads anywhere it likes till it dies…


AutumnBlossoms are rare but pretty, their soft, orange petals glow and its hard but delicate dark green stem blows out wishes, but it’s leaves cling to the stem like a nightmare on a cold night, it’s messages whisper bad dreams and horror.


Milkcups are peculiar but so cute. They have tiny leaves made of squishy marshmallows and its petals have one of a kind milk that slides onto the green,grassy ground that makes more milkcups drip drip  and more of them grow on and on forever.


Redroses are as devilish as the devil, whispering horror into the ears of those who pick its ruby red petals. It’s stem blossoms into seeds when the redrose is picked, its stamen collectes fear and scared souls, the fluffy, yellow bees stay away from it’s horror and terror of those.


The daffodil is found in a fabulous  forest . Its stem is made out of purple,friendly snakes. Beside the lushus daffodil, large fluffy bees swarm around ,smiling and collecting pollen, while the other happy bees explore.

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