plastic pollution

                                    Plastic pollution


Did you know that the world’s oceans are full of plenty of plastic? 

Millions of sea creatures like dolphins , Whales , seals and sea turtles try to come up for air but struggle because of plastic pollution . 

Can you help us ? Can you stop plastic pollution ?


Sadly,  they die trying to breathe by eating plastic that we use . 

Furthermore , we  would be happy for you to help us in plastic pollution by recycling and to spread the word of helping. Not only does this disgraceful behaviour mean that our oceans are rising and threatening our coastlines but each and every piece of plastic  is harmful to animals that use the seas . 


They will suffocate if we do carry on . Supposedly , 100 million animals have died from plastic, around every day 8 million pieces of plastic pollute the ocean , over 269,000 thousand tons of plastic is covered on the ocean floor .


So now we have discussed all of these issues about the sea. If you are thinking about saving the sea or helping creatures contact 


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