The tropical island of the neverbelieve by Chris J and Oliver M

The tropical island of the Neverbelieve by Oliver Moss ,Chris J

LO:write a persuasive text

Sadly, our  island is being destroyed by climate change from the rubbish other people chuck on our planet.Did you know that by 2080 humans on our island will be extinct by pollution and fires? Our humans on our island are in serious trouble. Help us now by not polluting our island!


On our island from the pollution, sea animals are dying.You might think that only small animals die by this but that’s wrong.-300,000  blue whales have died this year and even dolphins die from not coming up for air, because of the plastic ceiling covering our sea surface.So can you stop polluting?


Forests are crucial to our island but fires are starting.Did you know our planet’s fires have already destroyed 25% of our forests?But we need trees to make: medicine,splints,bandages and even medical gear.Wildlife is crucial to our island but sadly they have been injured,paralised and worst of them all , killed from the fire and we can’t help because we have no medical items to help them.So are you going to help our world?


Lastly , our air is being poisoned by ground and air vehicles so that’s why we need resources to make electric planes, helicopters and cars.Our humans are on the brink of extinction from the poison in our air. Did you know that 50% of our humans have problems with their lungs?.Our clouds are turning black from the poison in the air so our fruit and vegetables can’t  grow because the clouds are blocking the sun.


That is why we need you to rise up for the challenge. We need you to make a change no matter how small, do not pollute, don’t drive as much, walk so are you brave enough to help.Join www.make new world tropical island


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