The Lightning Unicorn

Amazingly this rare supreme unicorn has been around for millions of years and has never been seen until was last seen in 65000BC by the Dinosaurs.

The key features of this magnificent creature is it’s electrocuting tail, lightning breath, glamorous horn, shimmering hooves and lightning bolt shaped feathers. The electrocuting tail is to cook their food or to stop you getting too close. The lightning breath stops predators in their tracks.Did you know that their glamorous horn glistens in the sun light.Their shimmering Hooves can glow in the dark. Amazing lightning shaped feathers help them to camouflage.

Above the clouds live’s the magnificent Lightning Unicorn.Long ago scientists found the Unicorns home but the plane crashed into the ocean and the sighting was never recorded.This creature also lives in sky cities all over the world causing storms all over the world helping plants to make nutrients.Unfortunately airplanes keep ruining the unicorns homes because the airplanes            keep flying through  their habitats and destroying their homes.

  • This creature eats fish,burgers,lightning lollies and chocolate cake.

2 Responses to “The Lightning Unicorn”

  1. I love how you added a year to your story.I thing you should add some boom and pow!!

  2. I like that aeroplane ruin there habitat but i think you could put they control the lightning.

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