The Water Unicorn


Unusually, the rare , invisible Water Unicorn has been sighted in the deep , dark waters of the sea. Some people say that it turns into a mermaid when it’s in the water , and that’s true, so let me tell you more about the Water Unicorn

The Water Unicorn’s main is made of rain, so she can disguise in water and rain. Amazingly,her main can also glow whistle it’s raining. Also the colour of her main is dark blue , and her ears pluck out when she hears the most tiniest sounds from the sea. Additionally, the Water Unicorn’s mysterious horn glows when she’s asleep. As the Water Unicorn flys , her wings make a tune.

This joyous creature lives in Oceans , Seas or Rivers, however the unicorn mostly lives in Oceans because it’s wider and more fresher. Most people think she’s died, but luckily the good unicorn didn’t. She, the Water Unicorn,lives underneath the the waves because of migration and mating season.This magical unicorn also lives under the waves because it has magical blueberries in the coral reefs. Unfortunately because of plastic pollution the Water Unicorn was never seen again.

The Water Unicorn mostly eats magical blueberries because if she doesn’t eat it ,her powers die. On the unicorn’s birthday ,she eats chocolate cake or other cakes.

2 Responses to “The Water Unicorn”

  1. Nice writing but mostly try to improve to make things make sense

  2. I like the way you described your main of your unicorn.
    how did you come up with the name the Water Unicorn?
    could you use a diffrent word than water

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