What are?

What are lost?

My pencil when my friends steal it and my phone when my dad takes it.

What are soft?

My bed when I am sleeping and my teddy that I had since I was 2 years old.

What are dull?

A murderers heart and a long walk through the forest on a rainy day.

What are pretty?

My dads car in the driveway and a diamond ring in the window of the jewellery shop.

What are thin?

A strand of my hair and noodles in the packet.

What are shiny?

My mums rings dazzling in the sunlight and a car on its first run.

What are heavy?

The Pacific ocean when I try and hold it and my packed lunch when my dad puts a lot in it

What are lonely?

A boy on his first day at school and a wolf hunting for food in the wild

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