Flowers and Trees

The British Food Foxglove

The British Food Foxglove,

Standing mightily in between the amazed flowers.

It’s spaghetti stem jiggling and wobbling,

Like a plate of jelly in the wind.

The thin, tasty pepperoni-petals,

As red as the Earth’s core,

Laughed at the normal flowers with greed and hatred.

While underground,

The noodle roots,

Carrying nutrients to the petals,

Were encouraged to scavenge for food.


The Old One’s Oak

The Old One’s Oak

Standing wearily on the hill,

Muttered his wisdom of the world.

He knows the secrets of the earth,

And the unsolved mysteries of time.

His wrinkled skin

Shining the sun. His mind,

Bigger than the multiverse,

Holding everything that happened in history.

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