My Little Plant Dreams by Ria

My Little Plant Dreams

The Royal Chesnut was as magnificent as the Queen in Buckingham Palace .

The roots are like Royal Carpets going down to earth.

The trunk was a pillar standing in the front of The White House.

The bark was as spiky as my dad’s beard on my face when he tries to hug me.

The tree faller was as loud as a scream in a horror movie.

The flowers petals blossomed like a big beautiful princess.

The ChocolateBrownie daisy’s roots were like big chunks of chocolate digging to the top of a cake.

The stem is as small as a candlestick standing on top of a chocolate muffin.

The leaves longed to get off the flower.

The pollen was gold honey that shone like a diamond.

The petals, pastels pushed a purple fever.

2 Responses to “My Little Plant Dreams by Ria”

  1. I love how much detail was put into this.

    Could you improve this?

    Try and add some kennings or some alliteration.

  2. I love he tetail put into this but try and add some kennings🌺🌹

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