Can you imagen a world without The wonderful meta?. This has lots of it own habitats and creatures. If you don’t act fast your never see the island or it’s creatures do you have what it takes to save our land. These could all be gone if you say no.

Tungsten sticks are one of the most used resource on this island. It can make everlasting tools and it can form into a clean infinite . But dirty tourists are taking them from the land of meatal and trying to sell them on the black market which is illegal. This is essential to the residents of this island because it gives ertanel life to all plants and people It keeps them nourished​.

We can not allow the residents of this island to be threatened, kidnaped and let them get bulled for the information. are you going to take a stand for the people. Or are you scared and let people get attacked so take a stand with your help we can do it if you don’t people will dye.

vibranium is a meatal. This is one of the strongest metals in the world it can biodegrade into wepoens, tools and houses. But every thing is getting taken by dirty criminals that are selling it for not what it’s worth. Are you going to let this happen and take this challenge.

Are you going to let animals​ be killed and habitats get trampled on. Only scared human being would do this. Are you scared if you are this is your chance.

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