Help Protect the Everlive Islands by Maggie SWW

The Everlive Islands, one of the most valued and important places on Earth, ​are situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, the seven islands are at high risk: Infinite, Elder, Homble, Antiller, Flare, Cavet, Lislen and Ingent are soon to be in Climate Change’s stubborn grasp. We cannot allow these exquisite islands to disappear. There is hope- you can help by taking action to change Climate Change.

All sorts of inhabitants roam the land and sea around the Everlive Islands: fish, dolphins, whales, sharks, turtles, birds of all shapes and sizes, and a few humans. It is amazing that the islands are lucky enough to be home to several one-of-a-kind species of flora and fauna as well. Honeypetals are the Everlive Islands’ deliciously scented edible flowers, jump moneys and whistling kerpows are also the islanders’ proud creatures. Tragically, all and any of these wonders could be gone forever if tourists and even residents keep littering and polluting. It is not fair that we destroy their homes and lives.

Hidden beneath ​the jungle of Infinite, the largest of the Everlive Islands, is the Core. Incredibly, the Core holds the key to restoring peace and a natural climate to Earth. Concequently, when opened, the secret would wipe out the entire human race. We know this after a lone scientist recreated a less powerful model and tried it out. Due to illegal miners digging deep into the rich earth, residents are concerned that they will come across the Core. Do your turn and report to the island Council if you have any suspicions.

On Elder, another of the islands, stands the ​History Library. It is crucial that this significant place is always there. Stacked up along the shelves inside, are records of every moment in history. Alarmingly, due to rising sea levels, some of the oldest records are being possessed by damp, and are in danger of fading away. If this continues, and the History Library is destroyed, everyone in the world will forget everything and not improve their minds and imagination. By using less fossil fuels, and buying less supplies in plastic, you can make a change.

Surely, you would be willing to do something not only for the Everlive Islands, but the whole world. Visit ​ for extensive ideas on how to help.

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