The fire pegasus

The fire Pegasus,which is a rare type of species of flying horses,Pegasus’ have a beautiful,lava mane that glistens in the sun.They will only be threatened if they feel their children are in danger.Also the fire unicorn has crimson,misty eyes.They live in the depths of the sun,it likes to eat lava lobsters and fire ********** hollow horn holds hand fulls of magic spells like abracadabra,cazam and torterous it helps defend themselves from fire foxes,fire falcons and lava lions.The fire Pegasus keeps things like lava samples,fire and mini volcanoes.The fire unicorn likes to drink molten hot lava and scalding hot coffee.It’s got a few friends the angry unicorn,the warm unicorn and the devil unicorn.It’s favourite activity is lurfing and Lennis.

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