The Island of Maomi SWW

It is due-time that we take action!

wouldn`t you feel sad if this Island perished? So take action and join The Island Environmental Rescuer’s! ( IERs) this environmental crisis could be averted with your help act now to make a difference! Do you have what it takes to take action? If so join us now.

We should save the Liquid gold rivers of Maomi ​as they nourish the environment there for stopping our island (thats essential to planet Zercon the planet of life) from crumbling to pieces. ​The reason this vital Liquid is being taken is because it can super-charge any machine! To stop people from taking this liquid we are going to put up signs, try and find out who is the leader of this illegal gang and who are draining the rivers of liquid gold.

The exotic Cat-fish deserve to live! So join the IERs! The reason this unique breed is running-dry so we need your help to save them! The reason fishermen are overcatching on our island is because the goverment have created a bargain with them that means they can sell cat-fish to an area of the government. As they give of a gas that can provide power to millions of people. But they are over fishing them and now there is now enough live cat-fish to power the island. We need to expose these Illegal people now !

These shady people on our island are betrayers, take action now before it is too late.​

We have to save these blissful crystals as they heal the inhabitants of Maomi 5 times but ​unfortunalely they are being mined and stolen so many are being stolen the cave is on the verge of callapsing! Together we are going to stop both these problems happening by putting pillars up in the cave and on the sides and put a metal gate on the door with 5 locks!

​Clearly everybody who has sense will take action and help with fishermen capturing cat-fish, greedy people stealing natures crystals and finally the liquid gold rivers of Maomi. Act now to save your community, your life, your fun.

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