(session three)



Bloodthistles grow in the depths

 of Scotland near loch ness,

 waiting for their next victim.

 To lure in with their 

sweet smelling poisonous pollen,

like a lion by a lake

 waiting for a zebra to pounce on.

 Their red vines grabbing an unexpecting bug, 

Down into the core

 of the earth to burn

 it alive for dinner.

 Just like a venues fly trap

  once you touch

 it your in serious danger.

 Thier spikes are as sharp

 as the top of Mount Everest 

and as deadly as a knife.

Thier small but deadly

 even the devil

 is scared of them.

 With its black stem and body, 

  Giant red spots and

 tiny white stripes

 they look like they have

 blood splattered

 all over it 

that’s why it’s called the bloodthistle.


By Findlay Parham

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