The tiger lily (session 3)

The tiger lily’s


The tiger lily’s vines orange and thin grabbing onto

 the wall like a curios squirrel climbing up a tall tree,

The leaves are white and dazzling like stars 

 in the night sky. White and jet –black pollen as soft

 as  strawberry scented candy floss cloud 

 on a stick . Its deadly black sparkled roots dig further and

 further in to the deeps of the soggy soil that crumbles like a piece

 of chocolate sponge cake ,the tiger lily’s stem is black

 white and orange  its big petals witch are orange and 

black growing Like a baby tiger into an adult.

 the flower is as relaxing as a full moon over 

an ocean covered sand as golden as treasure and

 as beautiful as a memory.


By Gracie Melvin

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