What it looks like

The Unicorn’s eyes are as blue as the sea. It is as light as a feather and as soft as a cloud. It’s tongue is pink, it’s teeth are smooth and it’s feet are as small as a mouse.

What they drink/eat

They eat clouds that taste like candy floss and this is all they can eat because they are unicorns. They like to drink water and coca cola.

What they do

They play with their friends in the clouds and snow. They enjoy eating snacks and having dinner. After this, they like to rest and go to sleep.


Unicorns are shy and will play but won’t say much. They love being the only child and finds it fun.

Where it lives

Interestingly, they live in the sky with the clouds because they are very special and wouldn’t be able to live on the ground.

Interesting facts

It  can act, sing and dance and has even won gold medals. They are incredible  in so many different ways and can even play the piano.

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