Imagination island by joseph

Imagination island in deadly danger by Joseph

Unbelievably the island of invagination is in deadly danger because of you. we could not live without this amazing island being destroyed because tourist are leaving plastic on the island and people are dumping chemicals into the water. all the plants and animals are being killed we must help the island.

The horrifying Halloween oak that only grows in the island of imagination is the most scary but useful tree in the galaxy. It’s bark can be used to make the sharpest weapons and the big orange pumpkins that grow on the branches can feed the island for a week. But it is being pushed to the brink of extinction by illegal wood chopping services. There for a big part of the islands food and weapons are becoming limited.

Furthermore the beautiful white snow Lilly that only growers in small amounts in the hidden Cristal cave . which is as white as a cotton candy cloud it’s petals and pollen can be mixed and ground into medicinal and can be rubbed on wounds and broken bones and heal them in 1 our . It is being taken though by illegal picking services who are being made millionaires by selling it for medication

Also air pollution by car’s planes and boats that are making the clouds go black and blocking the sun. and making children have breathing problems .

Secondly water pollution by oil rigs and and people dumping plastic bags into the water  and killing our polka dot puffer fish. By blocking its gills and stomach.

Do you want these lovely animals to go extinct and let the people on the island suffer so join us to day to save every thing on the island just visit our website the .

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