Never believe Island by Grace

The land of Neverblive island by Grace

Unfortunately the land of Neverblive is in tenable danger. Sadly people are killing this wonderful island. It is dangerous for the land .

Do you have the care to help?

The ocean daisy only grows on Neverblive island they are becoming limited because of pollution. It’s killing the beautiful ocean daisy these will never come again because they only come once a year. This is not only harming children  and animals. This means nobody will want to visit.

Would you still come and visit?

Thirdly the oak trees are being hard to find because people keep on knocking them down and making a fire out of them and they are very special to people because when you rub a bit of bark on the place where you are hurting it makes the pane go away in 2 seconds. So many people use this tree this tree to help then and people are dying with out this tree please help

Pollution is extremely bad for the land of Neverblive for the plants and animals.

It is terrible that people are doing this it’s really sad.

It is crucial that people the will to do this.

This is how to help call : 019245 638 93 or text the same number or click this link

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