Coral island at the brink of extinction By Annabelle B

Coral island at the brink of extinction By Annabelle

Unfortunately,Coral island has been in much danger by visitors.As the island is famous for its glory, thief’s now know how much expensive stuff that lays on our island, and they take it as an opportunity to steal our expensive items. It will be horrid to have our beautiful island extinct and knocked down never for the eye to see again,NEVER again.

Our plant that is most being tampered with is our horn coral orchid,being the most important flower, growing on our unique island only nowhere else in the world,it produces crystal-clear, blue water and its sap is used at medicine and can heal most sicknesses.But we are only left with 10 from robbers stealing them and mugging our poor island along with them being trampled by angry visitors,our island is being terrorised badly by visitors mainly especially with thief’s as well.

Along with our Phoenix spruce.They get chopped down to take their bark.We must not continue to chop them down it’s harmful to our entire island.Furthermore, they are mostly being used for their bark to make wood sculptures the rest is unspoken of. Their bark is a glamorous mix of maroon red,orange,neon yellow and a pastel red for its amazing leaves.We cannot allow anymore of this, we are taking this seriously as it should be.If we see you doing any of this on our island you will be banned from our island and not have any more chances, It’s now officially illegal for you to do this our island, if you even try to chance this we will ban you, as we said earlier on.

In other words, we’ve had way too much pollution over the past year, which is even more of a danger to our sky rabbits, getting plastic stuck around their neck and eating bubble wrap.We argue that our whole island is endangered by everyone around.Our island has got tin cans,plastic wrap,glass,bottles,toxic waste scattered all over our island!It is not acceptable that this won’t stop,these horrid people are making our animals and plants extinct,and habitats being trampled.

Join us to help our island at the brink of extinction!Call us at : 3012 892. Please help us! We rely on you!

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