Misticle jungle island by christo

Misticle jungle island in Neverbelieve

Why are you harming the mystical jungle island sadly the people of China there had been toxic waste explosions from volcanoes can you help me stop the colossal danger .

The luminous flower is scared because the luminouse flower has lots of power which gives lots of povers and it gives light to misticle jungle island it gives lots of power to and has a power of shield to save misticle jungle island if there is  is a bad guy to come and steel gold and it is not acceptable for bad guys to come in.

The roots of the tree was squishy and disgusting in the dirty muddy sand it had some very strong roots thar stick on the floor forever and was very hard to pull out it was very hard no one has ever pulled out the root and the tree the branches were strong to brack of and was as hard as a giant strong metal brick.

The pollution has been going every were and it needs to stop junks had been thrown everywhere and has been very dangerous it had been killing animals and fish the junks in the water is very dangerous and very powerful for animals and the animals can’t stop it and this is not acceptable we need to help.

The pollution in the floor had been getting viral and the people are getting fed up of it the mystical jungle island is in danger and we need to stop this it is very dangerous and it is not helpful so this has to stop and will not stop if you won’t help us.

You could get a fishing net and get a trash can and put the junk in the bin and help the world to become a better place and very helpful to help us and we will not accept junk in the water and in the floor.

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