Neverbelieve in deadly condition by sonny

By sonny neverbelieve Pershing

Unfortunately the Island of neverbelieve is in terrible condition.Sadly the near by oil rig has realised toxic waste and digging into the ground. And killing our animals trees.WOULD YOU HELP NEVERBELIEVE ISLAND?

Without a dought the sacred ocean lily is the most is the most important flower it kills the waste. But the waste is draining its powers.The ocean Lily’s fruit cleans dirty water.If you eat it ,it will taste like a cooked fish.But an oil rid has blow up and infecting animals and making the ocean dangerous so the ocean lily is trying to cure them.

And also on the other side off  the island is the lazy oak.It helps a lot in neverbelieve it makes medicine and makes a force field around the island.But illegal loggers are taking samples off the tree and trying to grow them put keep getting arrested

Furthermore people have been dumping there litter on the floor and the rare rock lizards are eating the plastic. Please help because there becoming extinct

In addition there are boat fumes that are affecting small children breath .They are destroying  fields and grasslands . And tiny fish are being extinct such as the rare Midas fish.this can not be allowed. Let’s act fast before neverbelieve gets destroyed.

Habitats are being destroyed the water has full off waste animals are dieying trees aren’t growing the island of neverbelieve is Pershing.WOULD YOU HELP. Would you join save click here

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