Neverbelieve is in danger by Annie

Neverbelieve island is in danger

It’s hard to imagine that it is you doing all the damage to Neverbelieve island. We cannot allow that you do this! When you come over to Neverbelieve there is less room for the animals. We must not pollute Neverbelieve ,the animals are in danger.

The Lilly plant is in danger. We now know that if you was to eat this plant it would help you with your health but now you are polling all the rubbish you dump on are island is going into the pollen and is killing the plant. Do you have what it takes to be a good sitizen?!?!

The Winter tree is being illegally Cut down because of the mayor that you voted for. The leaves that fall off the tree could feed the city for a week, not  anymore because they are falling off faster than you can say abracadabra!!!

This can not be allowed for you to pollute are wonderful and beloved island the animals in Neverbelieve they are starting to be come extinct because of all the rubbish you are leaving around, the animals are eating it but the chemicals in the rubbish are killing them. One little pees rubbish could kill a lot of animals. But with your help we can fix it all.

There is nothing we can do with out you, get off the couch, stop being lazy and come help!!!

Visit the  or  call:7001  537  8197

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