The Zodiac sign Phoenix

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a very rare thing to see since it only comes out during a full moon. It came from the dark moon, where the last bit of light shows through.



The Phoenix blends with the sky and has all the zodiac signs on the tips of its feathers. The signs represent that it’s related to every zodiac sign.

What it eats

What this bird eats is still a mystery, but someone spotted it drinking at Comlodge Pond.

What it is like

It is related to every zodiac sign and has the personality of a Virgo. However, it is two-faced like a Gemini. It is believed that if you see the Phoenix holding a staff with a rock specifically from the moon, shaped like a heart on top of the staff, the month you saw that in, will always be your lucky month. Normally, it’s your birthday month. At dawn, it flies up and leaves a trail of glitter. When you receive a clump of glitter, you automatically know your zodiac sign.

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