Neverbelieve Island is Under Threat

Neverbelieve Island is Under Threat


Will you rise to help Neverbelieve island? The island is in danger and we need your help to save it. There are factories making pollution and destroying the beautiful island. Trees are being cut, flowers are being harvested and the island is being trashed.


The air is being intoxicated by harmful fumes from horrible factories. We cannot allow them to keep hurting the island and causing breathing problems to humans and animals. The smoke is overwhelming the trees that live on the island. The fumes are also disturbing the clouds making absurd amounts of hail, sleet, snow and rain. The hail is hurting is hurting people and destroying their homes and we must stop this.


As the island gets more and more popular the more rubbish is left by tourists, as a result the rare stone fish has gone extinct by tourists littering in the sea. We have to act fast before another rare species goes extinct. Not only that but land animals are also on the brink of extinction. We believe that 7 species have gone extinct because of careless littering.


We have been observing the behaviour of tourists and we have discovered that tourists have been stealing the bark of Sand trees for teddies since the bark is very soft. More illegal loggers have been harvesting the bark of the Sand trees and now the sand tree is nearly extinct. This cannot be allowed to happen and many have been arrested for killing this wonderful tree. It’s crucial that these trees stay alive because it has a fruit that keep the inhabitants alive.


Sadly, the island is dying and needs your help or it might be the end of Neverbelieve island. Many tourists, illegal loggers and factories are ruining this precious island and harvesting its resources. Without your help there won’t be a trace of Neverbelieve island left.

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