Peace Island in Dreadful Danger

It’s hard to imagine a world without the Island of Peace. Alarmingly, the island is suffering catastrophic consequences that could leave this island dying rapidly, will you do your duty before it’s too late?

The Magical Mischief Monkeys are being stolen from the island. Illegal Science labs are stealing them and are using their DNA to heal wounds in an instant. Scientists are earning a lot of money for it, and this is a scandal. The monkeys are essential for the people who live here because their powers keep the community alive.

In addition, Soapy Sky Song Thrushes are on the brink of extinction. Illegal logging companies are cutting down the trees that they live in, without realising they are they. We cannot allow this to carry on, if you see a song thrush on the ground whispering, then call Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital.

However, our favourite duvet company on the island has been pouring liquid smoke into Koonamutata, our famous natural hot spring lake during their manufacturing process. As a result, nobody can swim in the lake or have cups of tea due to no boiling water from the spring and our fame is being affected.

It is vital that our delicate Mountain-Lilies are protected. They create a special barrier to protect the inhabitants of Peace Island from the polluted air outside. As well as that, the lilies are a sacred part of the mountain. If there were no Mountain Lilies it would mean the mountain would suddenly be deserted. For these reasons, the once peaceful waterfall peak will become a volcano and cause everyone to evacuate as soon as possible.

We all know that Dove Pines hold the title for being the prettiest tree in the galaxy. Spies from other islands are killing the pines by drilling a hole through the water source in the trunk of the tree, causing it to slowly die from the top down. This must not continue because the tree also provides infinite snow for the Peace Island community. The youth here expect snow every winter, but due to global warming there has been very little of it. The island has been relying on the snow that the pines produce, but they have been unable to keep up with demand. This is devastating news and cannot continue.

Help us stop this dreadful crime, take leadership now at and if you are alone on this quest call our support line on 07735624917 see details on our website. Remember we have to work together in this.

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  1. This is a fabulous piece of persuasive writing Chloe, well done. I hope the Soapy Sky Song Thrushes are saved from extinction as well as the Magical Mischief Monkeys; you invented some interesting creatures.

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