The Drawing Unicorn

The Drawing Unicorn, which is a rare species of Pegasus, is only visible when you are holding a pencil.  During lockdown, these fascinating creatures have had many more sightings than ever before.  Unicorn scientists have been doing research into this, yet it wasn’t them who discovered  the answer to why there were more sightings, it was a scrawny boy who was only 6 years old.  His explanation was that “as people didn’t have very much to do when they were locked up at home they got more creative and many more people started to draw”.


Most of the year Drawing Unicorns live in wooden huts on the outskirts of forests.  Yet when they are on holiday they prefer to shrink themselves and stay in pencil cases instead. When they stay in pencil cases they like to sleep in piles of rubber dust and also enjoy munching away on ancient bits of led with ancient pencil sharpenings sprinkled on top.  During the winter they prefer to hide in bunkers buried underneath their houses, while during the summer months they weirdly enjoy sitting in their houses with fires blazing in all of the fire pits scattered around the house.


It is quite easy to tell a drawing unicorn apart from any other species. This is because they look more like a cartoon than a living thing.  They have tattoos and drawings splattered all over their backs meanwhile their horns are made from old bits of paper twisted into cones.  Their wings are made from loads of chalk with patterns sprayed across them in watercolours mixed with crayons .  Their hooves have putty erasers for padding on the soles which keep them comfortable while they are running. The top part of the hoof is made from rubber which stiffen with age.  Their bony bodies can freak people out at first which is the sole reason that in some countries around the world they have a bad reputation for being mean creatures.


You may be wondering what they eat?  Well the answer to that question is they like to eat anything wood based (mainly wood shavings and shredded paper) with juice made from ink.  Their version of cutlery is a quill for a fork, the sharp bit of a pencil sharpener for a knife and a pen lid for a spoon.  Depending on the colour of their cutlery is the colour of their hooves for the rest of the day until they have another meal.  Surprisingly they hate to eat anything that is  the colour red even though it is one of the prime colours.  Additionally anything that a human has touched has been poisoned for life for a drawing uniform


It is quite hard to describe their behaviour.  They are a bit like humans in this situation because depending on their mood or their personality then that is how you can describe it.  Generally when they are angry they turn a scarlet version of red which warns everyone else to back away.  Curiously when they feel kind they turn black and white yet in their sleep they become rainbow coloured.  The majority of Drawing Unicorns turn blue when they are freezing cold and orange when they are boiling hot, but a select group have the reverse colours for different weathers.  Many people believe that when they are in love pink love hearts start spreading all over their bodies leaving gaps only gig enough for an ant to fit in.  It is thought that Drawing Unicorns reflect what is happening on a TV show off their bodies while they are watching it.

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