The Ice Unicorn

The ice Pegasus, which is a rare type of ice shooting horse, is found in icy-cold grounds. Every Wednesday, unicorn experts assemble on these icy areas to find out more about these ice-flying creatures. During these recent Lockdown times, these 6 foot tall Pegasus’ have become bold and come into towns to get their food. To pedestrians delight, these beautiful horses have been coming from all over the world to parks in local towns and have been playing in outdoor swimming pools and rivers. However, not much is knowing about the ice Unicorn.

The ice Unicorn, which lives on icy grounds on cliff or rock faces, needs to be close to water to survive. They make there homes out of driftwood, grass and pond weed- which they then make a ball out of so they can’t be seen as easily. The nests are made to rear there young. They are hidden on cliffs which means they are hard to find.Ice Pegasi must live near water so it can gain its powers over night.It also likes to run along deserted beaches and drink from the salty sea water.

Would you be able to recognise the ice Unicorn if you saw one? Like most Pegasi, they have a long, dancing mane, a thick, flowing tail and immense, powerful wings. The main feature of this extraordinary creature is its golden horn which has special powers to protect itself from hunters. They have the ability to fly, swim and sing! Amazingly, they have gills like fish so they can breath underwater. This is why they’re often referred to as the’ dolphins of the sky’. Up close, you can see their soft but pointy ears, beautiful, bold eyelashes and their deep purple eyes. Generally, they are an amazing purple-blue  colour which means they are hard to see whilst swimming but do stand out when flying. The majority have shimmering scales under their thick, beautiful fur which keep them warm whilst swimming and fling in winter time. However, a rare minority are mostly covered in deep-blue scales which glimmer in the sunshine.

These beautiful creatures feed off berry trees, bushes and flowers nectar. This means it is a herbivore.The ice Unicorn is especially fond of cloudberries but, if they eat too many they run the risk of turning a strange lime-green colour! They can also live long periods of time without feeding. In this way, Pegasi have frequently been linked to the Flying giraffe-which can exist for days without drinking as they store water in there long necks. The ice Pegasus, which Is able to store food as a layer of fat under its scales, can last for at least a month without eating. This enables it to do long journeys to other faraway lands.

To relax, the ice Pegasus collects Gemstones and they make lots of different collections which are hidden in deep,dark caves near there homes. These treasure stores have in the past been mistaken for the lair of a dragon and thi has led to the ice Unicorn to being hunted. It has been known for doing air acrobatics in the sky as well as singing in the night to practice for unicorn talent shows. The ice Pegasus is a gentle creature which is generally shy but fun-loving. They are easily interested in anything that glitters! They will only become aggressive if they fear their young or themselves are in danger. Of course, their gentle nature can make them easy prey for predators, such as unicorn hunters who have been known for slaughtering these wonderful animals, mistaking them for their close relatives, the Water Pegasus. People are solving the case  to stop hunters and let the Pegasi have a normal life.

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