Watercorn !!


Types of Watercorns


This unicorn is a horse with a trusty ,swirly horn .Also they can even have wings .Some can be evil or good.


Fun facts


They race between the kelp and the watercorn  can get small to hide .




The watercorn lives in Venus particularly  they sleep in the coral reef .they eat from a shell .They like living under coral .Watercorns put kelp over the door so no fish come in .




Watercorns have the eye of a loving lavender  and there body ,head ,main and tail with a white  outline .They go smaller [Younger] as Venus go’s around the sun .




They like only the water from the deep. They eat a lot of salmon, catfish, shark ad they love shrimp.




Watercorns only are protective with family but can be shy [ only to human world] .When they buck they make a force field [Also rares and shoots water.

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