The warning of whisper island by Gracie

The warning of the whisper island by Gracie

Alarmingly, the Whisper island is under great threat. Grasslands are being conquered by Foreign visitors. They are demolishing our beautiful, beloved island! They are fake helpers but everyone still needs to help.

Please can you support us on our adventure.

The sacred Ocean Poppy is the spirit of the land and it provides the yellow, lemon berries. The fruit of the flower makes medicine to heal all wounds easily. Sadly, the leaves of are being torn apart and trampled on.

The stock is lowering and lowing and we can’t let this happen. Do you have the courage to help us?

Furthermore, the Frost Fir tree’s are getting cut down by illegal wood chopping services. People are drawing on the precious trunks and YOU need to stop them. Together we can fix this! They are very special because when children get sick we could chop the leaves up and drink then with water to help. You need to help. The bark even produces H2O.

It is not acceptable that this is happening! People are polluting our land and using are clear seas as dumping grounds. In addition smoke is coming out all our factories and causing air pollution. It is killing our rare species of Stone Kangaroos, they are close to extinction and this is unfair. Also, we propose that you should start picking up rubbish, even if it’s not yours or just tidy up after yourselves. You need to help.

To help you could start looking after our wild life. You need to fight for this island to stay in use and as a team we can make an enormous difference. No one can stop us. View the details below and click on the link if your a fighter. We need all the help we can get. 1172 990 29 00

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