Galaxy unicorn

The Galaxy Unicorn

Amazingly the Galaxy Unicorn has not been sighted for 100 years and it’s so ancient it was around at dinosaur times. This mysterious creature has been roaming around the Galaxy.

Surprisingly the Galaxy Unicorn has a fluffy Galaxy mane which sparkles when you look at it. This special animal has rock hard hooves which glitter in the dark. Her tail that has a swirly Galaxy design on it. A shiny woolly coat that keeps her warm when it’s cold her horn shines like the sun.

Some Galaxy Unicorns live in the Galaxy despite 30% live on planets like mercury or the moon. But they have been hiding lately in the Earths core because they don’t have much food because one of them got to hungry and ate there food. However he has been sighted trotting along the streets a scientist claimed he saw the animal through his lab window.

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  1. I love wow your story is about space. I think you should add some more space words

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