The Snow Unicorn

The snow unicorn

Unexpectedly the rare, legendary Snow Unicorn has been seen up in the cold, chilly mountains in the UK. Usually the Snow Unicorn hides away from people and it hasn’t been seen in over 100 years but now people have finally seen one!

Witnesses have told scientists that this creature has a pastel, pink soft mane. Also has a sparkly silver horn which glitters among the glistening sun. Another wonderful feature is its beautiful unique golden hooves. In addition it has white, fluffy ears. Generally is it’s white, fleecy fur.

Obviously the Snow Unicorn lives high in the mountains of the Himalayas because of the temperature which keeps them alive. Also they live in other chilly places like the North Pole and Iceland. However people have seen them flying over Australia. This is because of Global Warming and they are migrating.

The Snow Unicorn favourite food is cereal snowflakes and it loves strawberry nibble,ice pops. The reason why it eats sweet food is because it helps it to keep its pastel pink mane bright.

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