The fire unicorn

The Fire Unicorn

Amazingly, the rare unique Fire Unicorn has been sited on the dare devil

Bunker.Only Red Devil’s live there the last human who went there got killed.

Until now only 10 people have seen and they never came Back alive!

It has only been sited with red fur and the mane is burning explosive fire that burns anything in its way.People think its red, fluffy fur but it is spiky flames and turns into rough spiky skin.Then If people see him he has to run away because it kills because it is endangered . Its hooves are so shiny it blinds them for ever and ever and ever and it can turn into beeping fire.Its Horn shoots out blazing boiling hot fire only when he is scared or nervous.

Usually the Fire Unicorn is founder in the Dare Devil Bunker where only Red Devil’s can live there.if  they aren’t Dare Devil’s they will be burnt to death by all of the fire unicorns or dragons . He has been spotted at many volcanoes and has been spotted in Pakistan. He hates it When anyone sees them he try’s to kill them.

He eats choc ice and he has a pinch of snow flakes and he has a ice lolly juice for his drink. He has Frosties for breakfast and an ice pop for his second drink of the day.

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  1. Ethan - Forest Academy November 12, 2021 at 12:07 pm

    I like that the Fire Unicorn eats frozen things. Where did you get the idea of a ‘dare devil bunker’? Make sure to add commas in the correct way.

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