Ice Pig and the Bellsprout

The Ice Pig


The Ice Pig is a rare species of pig that lives in the arctic they survived on ice during the late 1600s. Ice Pig were thought to be extinct but in 2013 lots of ice pig sightings were spread across the internet. 


Ice Pigs have brown fur all over their body they never show their eyes, they have an oval pink nose with tiny little feet. Their favorite food is ice but they also like to go for small frozen frogThere main predators are stone bear and the solar shark. The way they escape from such aggressive predators is by rolling into a ball and sliding across the ice. Sometimes they are mistaken for big brown cotton balls. They protect themselves by digging small holes into cliffs and hiding in them.


You can normally find they near cliff sides and big bodys of water they despise heat 

They cannot survive in high temperatures. They sometimes group up and fight off predators by digging holes and launching ice balls at them however , they are being hunted for the large and fluffy fur that works well with leather coats. 


The bellsprout


The Bellsprout is a small plant a common species of plant that release a sweet but poisonous gas that will make you unconscious for an hour their roots are tiny their mouth is round they have leafs for hands

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