The Megladog

The Megladog 

Good morning everybody, how are you doing on this fine monday? I hope you had a good week. But on a serious note let’s tell you about a new species discovered in the mountains of Snowdonia.The…Meg…La…Dog.,The majority of these creatures are actually female which is easier for wildlife crews to take care of.We actually have the leader down here so why don’t we have a quick glance. 


Oh my goodness!!! This thing is as long as two double decker busses!!Maybe even 3.Almost all the Megladog’s have 2 large,furry,floppy,brown ears.Unusually, the ears can be frost white and black-jet spotted(It is not very likely for this to happen).It has teeth as pale as a ghost lurking around a haunted house on the 31 st October,Sharper than daggers slicing through human bones.Many people believe that these one in a lifetime species are afraid of eagles because they think it’s going to take their eyes out of their sockets.Almost all of The Megladog’s have smooth,grey,silky skin.The most precious thing about The Megalodon is the teeth.

The special thing about this creature is that it can jump from the bottom of Mount Everest all the way up to that where it is above the top and is  5327 feet in the air.Also these one of a kind species can beat a Cheetah and the quickest man alive Usain Bolt’s speed combine in a foot race.How crazy is that!!You can find more facts in the link down below about the Megladog like it is tameable, what its diet is and many more. I will see you again at 4.30 in the afternoon.     

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