Liozard by Henry

The liozard is a rare creature that lives in dark caves in the Himalayas. We believe they are half lion and half lizard but nobody noes for sure. Also, they are very aggressive to humans and should not be used for pets. Unfortunately  ely there only 47 left in the wild due to poachers. Liozard are killed for their fury scales and their  huge teeth. Despite  the governments warnings zoos are still looking for liozard  to put in their zoo.

The liozard has large sturdy scales that are made out of titanium which are then coated in soft thick fur which is dark blue. Weirdly their teeth are very fragile and can be broken easily because of that their teeth grow back within five minutes. The majority are night hunters so they catch their prey when it’s sleeping. Therefore they sleep in the day.

Liozards sleep in caves. They usually had hunt deer, alpaca and sometimes humans. However, they can live in warmer places to like forests. Liozards have habit of sharpening their claws on trees and have very large paw prints, so if you see any of these run away immediately.

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