Primglove By Lily H

On the isle of Neverbelieve, a Primglove will bloom in a vibrant meadow. For many moons, it has been shying away from the public eye but has recently been discovered. It is typically used as an exotic spice or a fluorescent decoration. Also the Primglove helps many small communities in the sense that they can make money off of its rare beauty. Strangely, it is also the main ingredient for a luck potion or an antidote for poisoning and many islanders gather in a healthy profit after years of potion training. Often mistaken for a coloured foxglove or an oddly shaped primrose, it’s mesmerising features help it stand out in the crowd.

Despite being a vibrant pink, they transform any liquid they’ve been added to into a concoction of extravagant, unmissable colours. The majority of people are under the delusion that the Primglove is only found to be a vibrant pink yet it has been discovered, by explorers, to be rainbow, pale blue, pastel red, royal purple; the list goes on. This means that many people search far and wide, invade the environment and destroy animal habitats in the hopes of finding these rare colour combinations. Contrary to popular belief,  it doesn’t produce a speck of pollen and bees are infuriated by this unordinary trait. Almost all the citizens of Lordcity have signed a petition to decimate all the living Primgloves with a bucket of acid as they maintain it is unhealthy for many of this flower to be around so there may as well be none. Fortunately, it is not well populated at the time so there has been no harm done yet. Consequently the petition is no longer online.

Interestingly, Primgloves contribute greatly to nature’s health and it is vital they stay around to help the nation otherwise be may as well dig our graves. Several  creative social media influencers have seen the blossom of this new flower as a blessing and are currently creating a new trend where they decorate their houses with this plant. Alternatively, many of their fans disapprove of this and say it is a waste of space and resources because this flower is so rare and useful. Unfortunately, the artistic souls that started this are receiving much backlash for their imagination. Perhaps, we ought to stick to making potions with the Primglove. Moreover, Environmental enthusiasts have started to discover more ways we can use this plant to our advantage.

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