Panog by Ed JMPS Y6

The panog is a rare species with only 10 left in the world.The reason why they are endangered is because hunters kill them for their silky soft fur.Panogs can be found in the deepest darkest part of the Amozan rainforest.They like to burrow deep underground,they find it easy to dig because the soil is moist.Over the years of them being on earth,they have had to adapt to the humid lifestyle.

Panogs are very small, it has black silky, velvety like fur.They have big sharp teeth.Their poised back ables them to jump into trees for their dinner.Their typical diet is filled with different types of snake.In addition,they like to eat a foxham .Their body is shaped like a rugby ball.They look sweet and kind but on the inside there a blood thirsty animal.Thats why there is only 1 in a zoo.Witch is the Bronx zoo in America.

They like climbing trees.They are very playful they like chasing flys and birds even though they will not eat them.

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