Crocdog and Moonlilys



The Crocdog has recently been discovered by a group of scientists on the Island of Nevermoor.People have said they had been extinct for around 100 years.


The Crocdog has thick fur during the winter but in the summer it sheds off the fur and has a tough scaly skin.Its fur and skin are swamp green and brown so it can blend in to hide from predators.

Crocdogs eat a range of things from Crowcows , Frogfoxes and more.However they have many predators like winged bears , Horned lions and a lot more.




The Moonlily is very important to this island because it is a food to a lot of our animals like the Crowcow and other herbivore animals.The Moonlily Is lilac , royal blue and baby pink on it.It grows in open fields with goldgrass and fog flowers growing along side it because they need each other for them to grow.   


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