Mousephant by Poppy

In the isle of wonderville, a mysterious creature lurks in the depths of the deepest darkest, jungliest jungle: The Mousephant. This animal is a strange mix between a mouse and a elephant. It stomps around the forgotten temple of wonder, guarding it with it’s life. Several hunters are looking for it as it is the only of its kind.

The Mousephant has a large pink nose with two big, yellow tusks. Also, it has two black eyes, framed with huge floppy ears and fur of a pale brown colour. Amazingly, it is bigger than a casual elephant and has a long tail that it uses to swing from the strongest trees to get a better view for hunting food down on the ground. On the other hand, this is very dangerous and if you get caught under one you could end up getting squashed.

The Mousephant likes to eat Candats and other creatures . It is usually sighted swinging fragments tree to tree or guarding the temple of wonder.

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