The snoth is a rare species of a snail and a sloth.They are endangered because hunters try to steal them and sell them on the black market.They live high up in trees so that they can hide from the hunters and live in peace.They are generally found in jungles however,some have been found in the dark caves of Mount Everest.

The snoth has the body of a sloth and the head of a snail.It uses the antennas on its head to sense the movement of the hunters and to find its way through the jungle at night.It uses its body to climb up tall trees and collect food for their children.Unusually, snoth babies are born as a snail until they become a certain age their sloth body will grow.

Snoths like to hunt down other animals and eat them for dinner.They only come out to hunt at night because they fear that they will be captured by the hunters. Male snoths climb out of the tree to see if there are any hunters nearby,if there are hunters then the snoths will move to a different tree. Sometimes the

male snoth gets captured by the hunters and leaves the female snoth to move.

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