The Lava Pegasi

The Lava Pegasus is a rare mythical creature seen by no-one. Every year people say they have seen the mythical creature but it actually hasn’t been discovered since 1769, some people believe it’s covered with Lava but actually it has a smoking mane, red and black evil eyes, burning hot horn and even more and The Lava Pegasus can also be called The Lava Pegasi.

The Lava Pegasus when it’s born they live inside of the volcanoes so they gain heat and survive when they’re middle aged they live in cozy places but the cozy places didn’t last for long since it starts raining each year but if they go outside and lot’s of water lands on The Lava Pegasus they pass out and slowly die freezing to death and when they’re old they have to live in really high temperature because if they live in low temperature places they will suffer death in many ways that other people suffer death in.

This mythical creature has many descriptions of how it for example it has a magma/lava body to gain more heat from the sun a fiery tail which can change to the colours black and red since magma has the same colours, it also has a burning hot mane which you can probably burn your hand but it’s described as a smoking mane, especially the most important part is the blazing legs because it’s what allows the Lava Pegasi to walk in lava and not burn its legs.

These shy wonderful horses eat burning hot lava for their survival but it’s not the only thing they eat. They mostly eat cooked or smoked things such as beef, chicken and many more but what they drink is really simple because they drink things that are mostly really boiling or really burning. If they drink or eat to much their bodies might change to the colour blue, orange, green or black and all those colours have a special meaning blue means they drank to much water, orange means they ate or drank to much lava, green means they feel sick and black means they ate to much smoked/cooked food.    

This is the most dangerous body part of the Lava Pegasi and you might have guessed it, it’s the tail. When you try to attack it or touch it it will sting you with it’s dangerous hot-tempered tail which is burning hot and if you touch the tail you can burn your hand. The second most dangerous part is the nose and it does describe why if you remember about the name, it has fire breathing which is why it’s mostly known by other people but… it can make a house go on fire and burn the whole plot. But the most dangerous thing it can do is burn a whole forest.

People believe that the Lava Pegasi can grant wishes but that’s not true it grants evil wishes. If you saw one around your area it would be better if you keep this secret and don’t tell anyone. They will let you feed them after they gain your trust. But remember they’re becoming extinct so it would be best if you just don’t ride them and let’s keep these wonderful creatures for future generations

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