The Ice Dark Unicorn

Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th November 2021

LO: I am learning to choose form and subject when writing non-fiction.



The Ice, dark Unicorn, which is nice in the day but evil at night, can be found in a deep, dark, crumbling cave.The Unicorn is very rare, they’re one in a million . There has only been one person in the whole entire world that has spotted her, which is her owner. Her owner, who  is practically the same as the Ice ,dark Unicorn, at some point is both evil at night and as sweet as a baby sleeping in the day.The only time you could possibly see her is when she comes out at night to catch her prey and eat the other unicorns. The Ice ,dark Unicorns’ sweet twin, who doesn’t turn evil at any point, is called Sweetie Pie The unicorn. She has always tried to stop the Ice, dark Unicorn but she always fails.To this day we don’t  know where Sweetie Pie is.



The Ice, dark Unicorn, lives in a deep , dark, crumbling cave, and has dis-coloured bones on the mouldy damp floor. She lives inside the deep , dark cave, because she doesn’t want to be found. It is very dark in the cave that she lives in. It smells very damp in the cave, and the walls and the floors are as rough as a brick but yet it feels so smooth.It also smells like dead unicorns.She shares the cave with her owner, but her owners room smells much nicer than the other parts of the cave, and her room doesn’t have bones inside it. So it is very pleasant. The cave is very secrative, since it has a secret tunnel leading to a secret palace. The secret palace belongs to Queen Victoria. A Lot of stuff happens in that  gross cave.



The Ice, dark unicorn,  looks as stunning as the Queen’s Crown in the morning but at night she looks as evil as a lion getting ready to catch its prey.The unicorn has wings as small as a cat.She has eyes that are ruby red and if she looks people in they  eye they turn into unicorns that she then eats, but the one person that it won’t happen to is her owner. If people touch her spike with just a glimpse of a touch then their finger will be chopped off forever that is how powerful she is.


The only thing, The Ice dark unicorn eats is other unicorns that annoy her but that is only when she turns evil, but when she is a nice unicron she eats clouds that are cotton candy but she also eats scrumptious lollipop and other candy.The stuff she eats when she sweet often changes but never when she is evil.



The Ice, dark ,amazing evil unicorn has a mixed identity, as we already know when the unicorn is azure blue it means it is as delightful as a baby sleeping.Whereas if the unicorn is crimson red it is wickedly horrible.Even if it is night time the unicorn is still happy because she gets that such a joyful time going out to eat the unicorns.She is very badly behaved but yet again she is good.Her  favourite thing to do is go out and catch her prey and eat the other unicorns.The Unicorn has no rules so she thinks she can do whatever she wants as her owner doesn’t even care.


 Closing Paragraph 

Many people believe that the vicious yet sweet unicorn comes out every 2 years.If you see her she is red and blue.DO NOT go near her she can turn evil at any point.Have you seen her? If so, stay away.To this day The ice dark rainbow horned unicorn has not been seen today.Neither has the unicorn’s twin.The unicorn has

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  1. Thomas- Forest Academy November 12, 2021 at 12:08 pm

    I love the name.

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