The Aqua Unicorn

The aqua unicorn is a very unusual unicorn. Every 2 months unicornologist go on a hunt (for 4 days) finding evidence of the fire unicorn. However, you are said to be very lucky if you see one. The fire unicorn is the rarest unicorn that scientists have found evidence of. The first sight of this luscious unicorn was by Paul Smith (who was a famous scientist back in the day). The last sighting was in 1860.


It has last been spotted at cliffs close to the ocean. We believe they live near the ocean because they can get all their food sources from there. While they are there they have been seen dipping slightly into the ocean. However, this doesn’t make sense because they are a fire unicorn but when they are commonly seen dipping in the ocean.They keep their babies in the cave (depending how old they are) but if they are a month old they are not ready to come out of the cave because they run the risk of brutally getting injured.


It has a  horn that dances smoothly when the wind catches it.It has a coat . Aqua unicorns are thought to be good and pure creatures with magical powers. They are strong, often blue in color. The Aqua unicorn can change the colour of its surroundings such as water,the sky,ice and so much more!

The River Unicorn is a shy creature that has been seen only three times in the wild. Now the real question is would you be able to spot one in the wild?


These shy and wonderful winged horses commonly feed off seaweed,lucky charms,sugar cubes and if they are lucky they will find beautiful red rubies that glisten in the sunlight however they are very lucky to find these because so many of them back in the day would only feed off of rubies (they feed off this because they like very sweet items).They drink from the salty ocean and that is there way of ‘’saying i’ve not just had sweet items today i’ve also had salty water.’’ They also eat very strange stuff like flowers,grass and plants.They also eat berries.However, they are only for very rare occasions because they run the risk of turning a mustard yellow!


The behavior of this creature may come as a shock, however it’s gentle and friendly. It’s attitude changes when it’s with its young cub. This happens because it’s young is very important and it’s rarely left alone.It’s in general a very kind species it helps animals in need if they are brutally injured. It is kind to humans because a lot of unicorns are very evil such as the fire unicorn especially. The fire unicorn is a very common unicorn usually spotted near volcanoes, which means they can choose when they erupt,if the fire unicorn spots…well you better be ready to run as fast as you can (it may feel like you have run a marathon) and most people don’t make it out. 


There have been rumors about the sighting of this unicorn however they have yet to be proven.These creatures are said to bite and several rumors have said that as well but it’s discovered that they don’t bite.Several around people around the world have claimed to see these shy winged horses but they have no evidence so for now we refuse to believe it because they only live in one country so many people must be lying but i’m not trying to frame anybody.They are to kind to bite so i’m not sure why there are so many rumors.


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