The Magical Unicorn

Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th November 2021

LO: I am learning to choose form and subject when writing non-fiction.


The Magical Unicorn


The Magical Unicorn, who can be found in an abandoned circus in the forest, is one of the rarest species. This creature has only been found by 8 people in this Universe. Every 6 months, unicornologists come to the NVA (National Visitors Association) to have a discussion about any information they have discovered over the period of 6 months. If a unicornologist does not arrive at this discussion the meeting will be completely shut down as the unicorologist could have some very useful information to have been shared. This Unicorn is a magician so if any predators (which haven’t been tracked down yet) can turn invisible.



The Magical Unicorn, which is found in Milton Keynes in a forest, lives in an abandoned circus that has crumbling,green mold plunged to the wall. This circus has no sprite of colour which makes Magical perturb and sorrowful. However, when it is day time it makes Magical happy as it lights outside so when he goes to eat and the sun shines he does his magic and hopes for someone to come bye and love him. On the other hand, when you enter it is massive but seats are broken and the stage curtains are ripped and damaged so this circus can not be fixed. Behind the stage is a secret room that Magical can go to and pretend that someone is there watching him perform his magic! 



Would you be able to recognise a Magical Unicorn if you saw one? Like most other Unicorns, Magical has a white wings that glide out; however, they have veins running through them, which is noticeable. He has mold as green as a leaf stuck to his leathery body that makes him itch due to it rubbing and scratching his skin. Magical has blond fur as short as an ant this means bugs are able to crawl into it’s skin (knits especially). His eyes, that are dark blue on the outside and diamond blue on the inside, gleam into your eyes, which make you go all dreamy and dizzy. The back tail is plated but as it hasn’t been done in a while there is hair that has been removed or fallen out of the plate which makes his long rough tail look all scrawny. Last but not least, his feet are all overgrown and still have metal shoes on his feet.



For Magic Unicorn they can only eat up to six leaves a day now these are very specific leaves they have to be orange and crunchy otherwise this will reduce their energy. However if they eat the right amount ( six ) this will help them fight off any predators they might come across.



Magical is impudent and needy, this is because he can perform magic and make people laugh. He is not able to do this as no one is there to watch him for his hobby. So if he would see someone in sight he would  bounce however he does need to gain their trust before he jumps ahead himself. Magical is very needy as he has no one around him to comfort him (in his whole life). When  31st of October comes around, Magical tends to hide up as he gets social anxiety 9 where you don’t like being around a certain amount of people) so he usually just hides away and just        be very quiet and nervous.


Closing Paragraph 

If you were to see Magical I would recommend not approaching this creature as it will or could come and bite you and that wouldn’t be funny. If you are really wanting to see this mythical creature please make sure to let it gain your trust before having any interaction with him. If you do not believe the information go over to the NVA and feel free to ask any question we do understand that everyone has their own opinions however we would not be making this report and giving out false information. Thank you!

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