The Milky-Corn

Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th November 2021

LO: I am learning to choose form and subject when writing non-fiction.


The Milky-corn


The Milky-Corn, which is a rare type of forest-corn is highly spotted due to its camouflaging in its natural habitats. Every day, wonderful tourists visit the Amazon Rainforest to try and find the species in the humid rain. Most of them fail because from a “corns”eye view they fall into the swampy water and get snateched from crocodiles for leaning over too much into a croc’s territory. Due to covid reasons, 53% of humans have stopped coming because of flights being canceled. People have tried by going overseas but other “corns” have stopped them.   


The MC (the milky-corn) is found in the Amazon Rainforest of South America. The “corn” lurks in between the trees searching for a hill with a whole to rest or transform into a human kind. The hole must be big (extra big). Normally as the “corn” looks for its hole it comes across some predators like jaguars, reptiles and monkeys. There’s lots of vines and massive trees that hover above you blocking out all the sunlight. The juicy fruits that hang from the vines look very delicout but get snatteched every time the “corn” sees one. Those cheeky monkeys! 


Would you be able to recognise the MC alicorn if you saw one? Like most alicorns the MC has mahogany, immense sharp wings weighing a ton, razor-sharp feathers that can slice through durian under 18 seconds. Vigorous veins that power through the wings making them look masculine. Scarlet-red hair that flows down her body to the floor leaving a bloody trail of a watery red snail trail. The mane shimmers in the sunlight making a refract hit her hair. She has big fierce hooves like a draft. Their hooves are so rough that it can scratch a whole tree down. Crimson, sparkly rings that hover around her body. They look like rings of Saturn. Her cow prints that shade into her skin color go from black to brown. They are 13 feet tall and thier fur looks like delicious cinnamon.   


MC eats cocoa-beans from high up on the rooftops. Those cocoa-beans must be a caramel color for her to eat, soft and white on the inside and the shell must be hollow for her to hear the ocean. Also bread but the bread can be various but must be a certain size to fill her large stomach. For her drink she must have 34 learters of golden, sticky honey ( 56 celsius normal temperature ). 


The Milky-corn, which is a timid, gentle creature, is a fun-loving animal. The MC is fascinated by anything that smiles or anything that shines! Fun fact, when they are in danger they run away without hurting anything to respect it or it will come back to hurt them. Of course, they might be scary but they are actually really playful. They might be easy to catch by predditors but can manipulate them to let them go. These predators are known to slaughter them and use their fur as coats and their horns as jewelry due to them not being strong enough to utilize the humans.

Closing Paragraph    

When ever approaching make sure to have positive energy or else you will frighten them away with your negative energy. If to gain its trust make sure to bring bottles in a basket, lemons and lemonade. And to stay a few feet away from them. Make sure to keep these wild beasts a secret or the hunters will kill them. Let’s keep these graceful animals safe!

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