The Fire Flying Unicorn

 Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th November 2021

LO: I am learning to choose form and subject when writing non-fiction.


The Fire Flying Unicorn



The fire flying unicorn, which is a blood red flying horse, can be found at the bottom of a volcano.It can swim in lava and also fly, it has been seen by child that almost got eaten but luckily escaped.The child has told everyone (including the police) but no one believes him.During lockdown periods it has become really lazy and so lazy that it only eats on Halloween.For many years scientists around the world have been studying these species but no one has found it since 1967 by Joey Richardson.During summer you can find it flying outside it’s volcano for 10 minutes every year.



The fire flying unicorn lives in Mauna Loa as it’s colossal and has hot burning, bubbly lava. If a human touched the lava their skin would turn black unlike the unicorn.It likes  to stay away from humans as they like to hunt it. If it wants to sleep it goes in a hole that was built by the unicorn and curls into a tight ball.To have a bath it  falls into the lava and keeps rolling over until it’s done ten laps,which usually takes a more than a hour to do.It smells like death filled with bones,skulls and splashes of blood.It used to be a town full of humans but then a volcano started growing so they all left and now we know it as Mauna Loa



Would you be able to recognise The Fire Flying Unicorn if you saw one?It has a matte black tail that is smoother than silk that you can’t resist touching.Like most unicorns it has a horn but not an ordinary horn,it has a horn spikier than a hedgehog that could give you a cut that feels like your  being stung more than a thousand times.It’s twenty hands tall with skin as red as blood, eyes that if you stare into you would straight away sprint like Usain bolt knowing that it would attack any moment.They have Wings that make them fly quicker than speed of light.It has a sign on it and when the sign lights up that shows how angry it is.Their kicks could break Moissanite(the strongest object in the world).



It likes to have 5 kids or adults on Halloween as humans usually hunt these kinds of animals, the texture has to be smooth or this animal will burst out with anger.The reason it eats humans is because it has been captured many times by the military in 1917 (during WW1).If it eats anything except humans it will start swelling up and slowly fall to the ground.So if you want to capture it throw anything you see at its mouth.



This animal has a very uninteresting personality as it’s very lazy, always tired and very selfish, and when I say selfish I mean so selfish that it doesn’t let any animals in, not even its own parents.When it wants to relax it relaxes a bit to much as it lays in the scorching hot lava and sleeps for a year(i’m not lying), and makes loads of bubble.The reason why these animals aren’t extinct is because they get mistaken by the Sorrel horse.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Closing Paragraph 

Many people believe that if you capture these creatures you will get good luck for the rest of your life.If you find this animal do not approach it stay away and call the police as you will be putting yourself into a very big problem, you will need to take a picture for evidence as the child that saw it did not.We usually want to save animals but this animal has to go.Let’s capture these animals and live peacefully!

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