The River Unicorn

The River Unicorn

Amazingly the River Unicorn is a special,magical creature.Which has been hunted in Rivers and now has to hide from everyone in the world.Although if it is seen again it will be all over the news.So everyone will start to hunt it down and get famous.

Normally the River Unicorns mane is sky blue.If people see this creature her mane will turn dark blue.Sometimes her mane becomes spiky and kills everyone who sees her.Incredibly her horn is so shiny she could blind anyone who looks at it.Often her hooves shine bright like a diamond but today her hooves shone light blue and then she got super powers.

Obviously this magical,rare River Unicorn could be spotted in cold,giant Rivers around England and Africa.Usually its favourite River to hide in is the River Nile because it is the longest River in the world.However when people kept finding her she moved into the Amazon River and she was not spotted for 150 years.Would you believe that she can only travel at night because the sun can durn her to death.

2 Responses to “The River Unicorn”

  1. I really like your unicorn and it is a good name for it the river unicorn is a really good name and it is really good story about the river unicorn. But other than that it is really good

  2. I like how when anyone looks at her they go blind.How long did it take you to think of this.Could there be a better name maybe?

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