Water unicorn

The Water Unicorn

Incredibly the Water Unicorn is the most common Unicorn in the world.There has been sightings all around the world although it has not been spotted in hot countries because it does not like fire.

Last year Scientists have discovered that the Water Unicorn lives in clear lakes and wavy oceans.she is found in waves drifting back to sea . In lakes she is found hiding under rocks waiting for her food . She barely trots across the waves and then slowly sinks back in the vast current. She barely does it because that’s how she hunts for a big batch  of food.

This common Unicorn looks like a current in the ocean.Her mane flows in the vast current which is coloured baby blue .Her hooves are like sand .Her horn is bright teal and glows in the dark. Normally this Unicorn has a pear of glimmering shiny wings that flutters in the wind.On an average day this Unicorn wears a gray saggy saddle that drips when she moves . Because of this really soft fur you could sleep on her .

Many people believe that this Unicorn eats boiled box jellyfish soup served with dried seaweed .Also people  believe it because scientists discovered the inside of one and found it out . She drinks sea salt water with frozen fish ice cubes  for breakfast she eats fish flakes and Corel juice.

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