chapter one an unexpected surprise



Cranky sensed something was wrong…  an oil leakage was seeping into the hull,Cranky Heard the propeller starting to seize it squeaked like an old mansion door being opened for the first time in a century. He immediately warns kai!, his owner  “ITS GOING DOWN!”And tells him to jump out and deliver a letter to his friends for his last words, as soon as Kai jumps,  he hears a crackle of a non-explosive rocket whistling towards the propeller, cranky dodged swiftly without losing control but falls in the process, as soon as he got up he saw another rocket soaring towards the ship, but it was to late…


Chapter 1 


Cranky woke up in the sky ship he was surrounded by debris. But he was no longer in the air, but he was injured really badly. He had a shard of debris in his metallic rib cage. He had hot grease spewing out everywhere. It was terrifying he wouldn’t make it…Lucky kai was there but he had a knife he ran at Cranky.Cranky moved just in time “what happened”Cranky said in a confused manner”I was never on your team” kai said dashing at him once again…

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