A funny adventure by Monty & Milo


Jake gazed out of his snakeskin window as the mysterious airship drew closer. He could hear the deafening rumble of the airship’s five tone engine. He could see the wind crashing against its sides. Suddenly, he realised that the airship wasn’t slowing down! Actually, it was speeding up! “Run!” screamed his mechanical fox. Human before mechanical they sprinted out the house and up the road for safety…


Chapter 1

Quietly, Miranda Bug shut the door to her dormitory at Professor Cornfluffels magical school for young girls. “I am leaving.” hushed Miranda under her breath. Miranda crept down the never ending staircase towards the exit.Outside it was snowing heavily. Luckily she had put her coat on. Not wanting to get caught she screamed across the playground towards the front gates of the school. 


Outside, she hid under a snowed on table. She reached into her coat pocket and lifted out the note her father (Jake Bug) had sent her two weeks ago. He had been killed in the aircraft crash at a small village in Manchester. Suddenly, she heard a rustle from the tree nearest her. Seconds later, a familiar face poked out. “What are you doing here?” asked Miranda!

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